We can use the camera for 3D mapping and calibration???

Can the camera(D750) be used to calibrate the mesh during 3Dmapping?

Hi. Under Winwows we’re using digiCamControl. D750 is supported with it as you can see here:

Also, Screenberry can use libgphoto2 on windows and linux. For windows you need to change camera driver with zadig. Supported cameras with libgphoto2:
D750 is supported with ligphoto2 in PTP mode, so that should also work fine.
There is a small chance, that if this is relatevely new camera, then we may need to update digiCamControl or libgphoto2 version supplied with Screenberry. If you encounter such issue, please contact us through this forum or through support@frontpictures.com.

Another question about 3D mapping. Automatic calibration works well on smooth screens. If you want to make a 3D mapping of a building facade, that may not work well with camera auto-calibration, as it may produce geometry issues on corners and protruding objects. For 3D mapping of a building we use remapping with a 3D Scene and prepared 3D model of a building.