This is about Cluster Multiple media servers issue。

When we use multiple media servers, We’ll feel a tear on the screen,but we use a synchronization card of snyc2. Is it the code that does not calling program the SwapGroup API of Nvdia?
emphasize :The Nvdia set is correct!

When 2 or more Screenberry servers configured as a cluster system (that is still in experimental state), and GPUs between PCs are synced using quadro sync card, we assume that vsync is synchronized between all GPUs outputs, and we only need to make frame synchronization, that is done over network.

We don’t use NVidia Afinity API.

If everything configured correctly - there should not be any tearing. If quadro sync is not configured, then you may see at-most 1 frame delay between cluster nodes.
If you see a delay more than that, then it must be some other issue with the project or with our cluster system implementation.