Text Node functionality

I have started a project for a show we are doing next week (using screenberry)
I have been asked to include some text overlays. I know that screenberry can do this so I had a play with the node.

It all worked pretty much intuitively for me and I was able to make it do what I wanted… But I did have one question. I fed the text node into a rectangle patch to allow me to position and scale the text.

I could see that changing the font size in the text node increased or decreased the resolution of the characters but it didn’t actually change the size of the text on the output.

Am I using it right? Is there a node the text one should feed into so I can edit the parameters in the text node and change the size of the text on the display?

Screen grab of current node graph here…

Using Rectangle patch is the right way to do to position the text. What you need is Image Size, Font Size and Fit to Size parameters in Text Image node.
Text is rendered with size configured in Image Size parameter. By default it is fitted to occupy all space, but font shouldn’t be larger than configured font size. Looks like it’s a regression in version 3.0, that it is always fitted, and maximum font size logic is not working.

Just tested it in 2.9: yes, it was working correctly before. Font size configured the maximums size. And if you entered too much text, then the fitting logic applied and automatically scaled font down to fit it on configured texture size. I can look into it tomorrow and prepare a quick fix update v3.0.8

Thanks so much!