Simultaneous synchronization of multiple media servers with one control PC?

I have an urgent question.
I’m curious about how to use ScreenBerry Media Server at the same time.
For example, one control laptop can control three servers.

The website says it is possible, but the manual does not explain how to do it.

Is there a way to connect only one device at a time by connecting via IP?

I would appreciate it if there was a detailed explanation and test video as well.

Version 3.2 has cluster nodes designed to synchronize 2 or more servers in a cluster setup. That was made for one special project, but is hard to configure and may have bugs. We did no updates or revision for these cluster nodes for few versions already. We plan to reimplement this for next version 3.4 scheduled for the end of 2024.
We have recently reelased 3.3 (will be available to download from our web site soon) with new feature: Hot Backup. You add a Hot Backup node and it synchronizes resources, project in semi-automatic way and duplicates all control commands to backup servers. So you connect with Screenberry Panel to main server and make changes to project configuration and playlists, control playback and that synchronously happens on all configured backup servers as well. One main server can control any amount of backup servers. It has no frame synchronization, but can achieve up to 1-frame delay between servers during playback.