Other apps as sources? A MacOS control panel? (Newbie from New York here)

Hello everyone. I’m just starting to learn Screenberry, and it looks perfect for a new planetarium we are building. Good work!

A couple of questions before I go back to the documentation:

If I run an app on the same computer as the server (OpenSpace in fulldome mode would be the first to try, a Unity scene in domemaster format a second) how do I use that app or window as an input to Screenberry?

And did I read correctly that there is a Screenberry control panel for MacOS? for iOS? Or is it expected that the webserver panel will do that job?


Searching the site - I see Spoutin, Spoutout, NDIin, NDIout (OpenSpace has a Spout configuration, Unity can use a couple of options, including Keijiro’s). Included in the demo. Names of the nodes change in later versions.

So I answered my own question - Spout for internal, NDI for external sources.


We have a saparate HostController app, that can be used to import calibration files from screenberry and run different apps using one of injection/warping methods to present it on calibrated surface.

For Unity we have a plugin that can load calibration files from Screenberry, but that doesn’t work with new Unity versions, it’s developed for old pipeline. Currently we use Spout to get texture from Unity

We have Screenberry Panel 2.8 for MacOS. We plan to build 3.0 for MacOS soon. Usual development is done for Windows and Linux (Ubuntu).

Screenberry Panel is needed to configure the project using Node Graph and advanced widgets. For controlling the show - you can use Web Panel from any browser: it is able to control Media Player, Calibrate and to use User Control Widgets (buttons, slider, checkboxes, etc.)

Thanks. Got it!

Is the Panel for MacOS available to try with the Demo, or will it wait until a version 3.0 is available?

Here is a 2.8 DEMO screenberry installer for windows and a panel for MacOS. Panel for MacOS is known to have some UI issues, as we don’t fully support it.