How does the FreedD Tracker work?

How can FreedD Trackerz be used in virtual production!

The FreeD Tracker is a tool used to track the position of the camera in a virtual production environment. This positional data is crucial for rendering the virtual environment from the same perspective as the camera, ensuring that the virtual and real elements are seamlessly integrated. Once the virtual environment is rendered, the resulting image is projected onto LED screens, creating an immersive backdrop for the production.

As of now, Screenberry does not offer a ready-to-use integration with Unreal Engine for virtual production. However, we are actively working on developing this feature. While we can’t commit to a specific release date, please know that it’s a priority for our team.

Currently, Screenberry can be effectively used in virtual production to map backgrounds for static shots, where there is no camera movement. This allows for high-quality, dynamic backgrounds that enhance the overall production value.