Cropping a Spout source

Hi - I have a domemaster image 1600X1600 in the middle of a 2560X1600 frame, coming via spout from a Unity app, that I need to crop to be square domemaster format (it is live, interactive so I can’t make it a movie and then deal with it). Spout from the Unity editor comes out square dome master fisheye as I want, but the choices for building the app do not include square format. I’d like to use the app.

How would I use a warp or patch node to trim the image to the center square, in the proper place in the node tree?


There is a few ways to do it.

  1. SpoutIn → Rectangle → RenderTarget. Adjust Rectangle input points in patches editor to crop the source.
  2. SpoutIn → Rectangle → RenderTarget and another Transform 2D connected to RenderTarget. Adjust scale in Transform 2D.
  3. Use SpoutIn → MediaPlayer (into AUX input) and add AUX item to playlist, configure pause on last frame and set transformations to fit horizontal.
    Don’t forget to configure the size in RenderTarget or Media Player

I recorderd a short tutorial for this: