Client asks: How to control motion chairs over serial port?

I need your support about serial communication
I connected to 4d motion chair PC via RS232 cable.
I can sent packet to chair PC.

For example,
“11” means movie 1 ready
“12” movie 1 start
“13” stop
“21” means movie 2 ready
“22” movie 2 start
“23” stop

The com prot can connect one Serial out node.
So I cant control.
Could you let me know how to make node?

Add a script node, make it’s output “String” type, add 6 input parameters of type action, named “arg11”, “arg12”, … “arg23”
Enter script:

if (arg11) return "11";
if (arg12) return "12";
if (arg13) return "13";
if (arg21) return "21";
if (arg22) return "22";
if (arg23) return "23";

In serial output: make “message” to be a port on a node

connect script output to it, add 6 onItemStarted, and connect everything as I showed

You’ll have in playlist 6 items. 1st item will trigger 11 - prepare for show 1, second is the show itself, 3rd is some image/short video when show is over (may be looped) and so on - to configure onItemStarted nodes
If there is many shows - it’s also possible to get current item position from mediaplayer node directly and prepare output string

Also you can get item name from MediaPlayer. You can edit item’s Label to “11”, “12” etc., and it will be sent over serial port, also possible

Forget to add that when you configured script and entered script code - you press “Build and run”