Cant get 3d Scene working in demo version 3.3.1

Hi, I’m new to learning Screenberry and have downloaded the 90 day demo.

I recently had a very indepth demo by the lovely screenberry team, and I’m now trying to recreate a typical floor plan for one of our immersive shows.

however I’m struggling to get the 3d scene to work as nothing seems to appear in the 3d viewer on the 3d scene widget. I have tried plugging in multiple sources and files , either using the 3d primitives node or the 3d model node into the Object input of the 3d scene. Ive gone through all of the setting on all of the nodes and still nothing appears in the 3d viewer.

I’ve read through the manual and there doesn’t seem to be any steps I’m missing, so was curious if there is a restriction on the demo version? or if there’s something in the settings I’m missing?

Don’t worry, I’ve just found out that you need to have a Canvas in the scene in order for the 3d viewer in the 3d scene widget to work, even if its not connected to the canvas.

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